A doula is a trained and certified support provider whose role is to help guide and support you physically, emotionally and educationally through birth and the postpartum period.   We understand the profound impact the birth experience can have on the the whole family.

Doulas trust and believe that everyone has the right to birth and parent in ways that are right for them and that to be able to make informed choices during pregnancy and parenthood, expectant parents need access to evidence based information, to be listened to and to feel confident to trust their instincts. 

I am here to provide you and your partner with care, understanding, information and support before, during and after birth. I am there to help you and your partner feel safe, involved and empowered during the birth of your child and the adjustment to life as new parents.

As your doula I work alongside your doctor, midwives, nurses and birth partners, but do not replace any of these important birth team participants. 

As your doula, I can provide objective nurturing support, guidance and education. From offering suggestions on comfort measures and labour positions, to helping you stay hydrated and focused,  I am there to support you both and can provide important rest breaks for the birthing partner and ensure their wellbeing too.

Typically as your doula, we would meet at least twice before your birth for prenatal preparation sessions. Then I could be on-call for you from an agreed date ready for that exciting call from you to say your baby and body are ready!  I will then be in touch with your regularly until you feel it is time to have my support and I remain with you until your baby is born, both of you are fed and well and ready to rest and get to know this new member of your family.  I then come and see you at home postpartum to debrief your birth experience, discuss and support your physical and emotional wellbeing and support your confidence in feeding and baby care.  Throughout this time I am at the end of the phone for you and no question or query is ever seen as silly or not important, you can always reach out.

I offer all potential clients a 20 minute complementary zoom call to see whether we might be the right fit to work together and to help me better understand your unique wishes and tailor a package to suit your needs. Please get in touch to find out more.

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Postpartum doulas provide flexible, practical and emotional support for new mothers and families in their own homes.

The birth of your baby is an exciting time, whether it is your first or fifth. As a postpartum doula I can be with a family anywhere from a an adhoc couple of hours, daily or once or twice a week... whatever feels right for you and your family.

The role of families has changed over the years, in times past it was usual for mothers, aunts, sisters and women in the community to help when a newborn arrived, but more often today we see families spread across the world away from that important support group. This is where a doula may help fill this essential support role.

My role as a postpartum doula is to support mothers and the whole family in any way that I can in order to help the transition to becoming parents of a new baby. I can help empower a new mother so that she feels confident to care for her baby and make decisions that feel right for her about the care of her baby, while feeling able to manage her day to day needs and generally feel positive about her new role as a mother.

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I am part of the More Than Birth Doula team and we are a collective of doulas based in Dubai. Through our Doula Collective, families have access to a strong team of dedicated and passionate doulas who bring a full spectrum of services and experience to clients every step of the way.

We are a collective of licensed and certified doulas, antenatal educators, postnatal providers and wellness workers in Dubai, who are passionate about empowering, educating and supporting families on their journeys from pregnancy to parenthood. We offer our services with great love and great compassion. 

We are ready to support you through all birthing experiences and offer a collective sense of compassion, knowledge, love and care in all our work.

For more information on More Than Birth Doula Group please click here 

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I am passionate about what I do and feel honoured to be able to contribute my expertise and support to women and families at a very important and special time in their lives.

I was proudly trained in the UK by award winning Doula Kicki and certified with the Birth Bliss Doula Academy.  It is an honour to have been asked to come on board as a Doula Mentor and support other doulas as they complete their training and certification process.

If you are interested in learning more about training to become a doula or my mentoring please contact Birth Bliss Academy.