Knowledge is power

From your first prenatal checkup to the moment you hold your newborn for the first time, I am here to provide you with quality support and the knowledge you need. I offer a variety of classes for expectant families to encourage confidence and wellbeing in pregnancy, familiarise themselves with the birthing process and what they may expect and understand the early weeks with newborns and postpartum recovery. Take a look at the classes below.



Enhancing confidence and calm for every birth. 

A five week group workshop where we explore birth physiology, the role our hormones play in labour, birth and bonding and how these can be enhance and impact your labour and birth, how to utilise simple breathing, visualisation and relaxation techniques for you and your partner to remain calm and in control during pregnancy, labour, birth and beyond.

The classes are designed for you and your birth partner to undertake together to combine birth education with simple but highly effective relaxation techniques to help you feel confident, prepared and excited in the run up to and during your birth.

During the 5 sessions we will explore your birth choices and different scenarios so you fully understand your options, how to navigate decision making, the importance of the birth environment, encourage you to trust your already wonderful parenting instincts and remaining calm in any situation, birthing your placenta, the golden hours after birth, the role of the birth partner & boosting their confidence, natural comfort and relaxation measures, establishing breastfeeding, navigating your recovery and the early postpartum weeks.  

There is often a misconception that hypnobirthing is only applicable during an uncomplicated, intervention and medication-free birth and, while the techniques can greatly assist couples wanting a hands off spontaneous vaginal birth, hypnobirthing is for everyone and can be applied to all birth scenarios to help you have a positive, connected and calm experience.

Group classes: held over 5 Consecutive Saturdays 4pm-6.30pm.

Private classes in the privacy of your own home and at your convenience available.  

Both include course book, 8+ relaxation mp3s, exclusive online resources and ongoing online support.

A combination package with birth doula support available at discounted rates.

Mighty Multiples Image-4.png


Antenatal Classes for Twins, Triplets or More!

Using evidence based information as well as honest, real life experiences, Mighty Multiples is a unique birth & parenting preparation course for families expecting twins or more.

As a mother of four including monochorionic twins and having supported many families of multiples as their doula, I understand first hand the unique challenges & joys that multiples bring & believe this deserves recognition, celebration & support separate to other programs. My 4 week course guides parents from pregnancy, through birth & into feeding & caring for two or more babies.

During the course we will cover

  • physical comfort & emotional wellbeing in pregnancy

  • birth preparation for all scenarios,

  • birth partner’s role & confidence

  • navigating NICU

  • postpartum recovery

  • teamwork & support

  • feeding two or more babies

  • baby care

  • safe sleep

  • getting out & about, ravelling

  • & finding your tribe + more..

Classes run in 3 hour sessions over 4 consecutive weeks, include 2 exclusive course books, ongoing online support & a discount off doula support.  The options of an additional hypnobirthing for twins and multiples session is available following the class including relaxation mp3s.

Group classes held over 4 consecutive Saturdays 12-3pm. 

Private classes in the privacy of your own home and at a time convenient to you also available.

Discounted package rate available when combined with doula support.