Breastfeeding your baby or babies can be the most fulfilling, natural and bonding of experiences. This doesn't mean it is always easy. Equipping yourself and your partner with knowledge in advance and knowing where to turn to for support can help you navigate the physical and emotional aspects of this precious journey with your baby.

Prenatal Yoga with Laptop

Breastfeeding is a skill that both you and your baby will learn together.  Equipping yourself with knowledge in advance can help promote confidence and help you:

- understand the importance of skin-to-skin time

- understand your bodies amazing production from colostrum to mature milk

- infant tummy sizes

- recognise a good latch

- understand normal feeding patterns

- explore different feeding positions

- know how to tell if your baby is getting enough milk

- get to grips with the basics of hand expression

- the importance of your wellbeing

- where to turn to for further peer and professional support

Antenatal breastfeeding education is offered as part of my Breathe Birth Baby classes or can also be taken as an individual private consultation or in conjunction with birth or postpartum doula support.

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Every Step of the Way

Whether you need a confidence boost in your breastfeeding, support in guiding your baby to a comfortable latch, to try some different positions or help navigating some of the common breastfeeding hurdles; as a breastfeeding counsellor I can help support your breastfeeding goals and increase enjoyment.

Breastfeeding should be comfortable aside from some temporary tenderness in the very first few feeds. Having sore, cracked nipples is definitely not normal and often with some easy adjustments to your baby's latch can become much more comfortable.

As a breastfeeding counsellor I do not offer diagnosis on conditions such as mastitis, thrush or tongue tie but will always signpost you to a Lactation Consultant should you need additional support to that which I can offer and will help you arrange an appointment and offer follow up support. What I can offer is confident and compassionate support in the privacy and comfort of your home at a time that suits you should you need it.